Freedom Recreation Committee Ordinance

A. Establishment:

The Town of Freedom Recreation Committee is hereby established.

B. Responsibilities:

1. Oversee the administration of all recreation activities within the Town of Freedom, including supporting the Little League and Farm League Teams that use Mitchell Field, and coordinating activities of Freedom Field Day.
2. Develop new recreation programs as needed.
3. Oversee the maintenance of all recreational facilities, including Freedom Park, Mitchell Field, and the Sandy Pond Boat Landing.
3. Develop new recreational facilities as needed.
4. Develop an annual budget request for presentation to the Freedom Budget Committee.
5. Be responsible for the administration of the recreation budget.
6. The Chairperson, or other member of the Recreation Committee acting on behalf of the Chair, shall make a report to the Selectmen at the first meeting in January, April, July, and October.

C. Membership:

1. Membership shall consist of five members. In the event that there are less than three members of the Recreation Committee, the duties of same shall be assumed by the Selectmen.
2. All members of the Recreation Committee shall be appointed by the Selectmen.
3. All members must be a resident of the town of Freedom.

D. Term:

1. For the purpose of implementing staggered terms, appointments for 2006, would be as follows: two appointments for three-year terms, two appointments for two-year terms, and one appointment for a one-year term.
2. The terms for all members, after the first two years, will be for three years.
3. Terms for Recreation members will start and end with the annual town meeting.

E. Absences & Removal:

1. Any member that anticipates an absence, should notify an officer of the committee prior to the meeting that he or she will be unable to attend.

2. If a member has four consecutive absences, or seven absences in one calendar year without prior notice to an officer, a note will be sent by the Chair of the Committee to the Selectmen requesting that the member be removed. The Selectmen will then appoint a replacement.

F. Officers:

1. Officers for the Recreation Committee shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer.
2. Officers shall be elected annually at their first regular meeting following the annual town meeting.

G. Meetings:

1. The Recreation Committee shall meet every month at the town office.
2. Emergency meetings may be called by any one of the officers with 2 days notice to the other members.
3. The Chair, or other officer in the absence of the Chair, shall conduct the meeting.
4. The Secretary/Treasurer shall take attendance, keep minutes of all meetings, and distribute the same at the next meeting for acceptance by the committee.
5. All Recreation Committee records shall be maintained in a separate file at the town office.
6. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also obtain a Revenue & Expense Statement for the Recreation Committee from the Town Treasurer prior to every meeting.
7. Voting shall be by a majority of members present. A Quorum shall consist of three members.

H. Finances:

1. The Recreation Committee operates on a budget approved by the town at its annual meeting.
2. All bills and invoices shall be turned in to the Town Treasurer for approval by the Selectmen.
3. All receipts shall be turned in to the Town Treasurer for recording and deposit to the Recreation Account.
4. The Recreation Committee will not exceed their annual budget including receipts for that year.
5. The Town Treasurer shall maintain an interest bearing account at the town’s bank for the Recreation Committee. This account shall be used for capital improvement projects.

Readopted at Special Town Meeting: June 7, 2006