Effective date Mar. 8, 1989


Pursuant to Article VIII, Pt. 2, Sec. 1 of the Maine Constitution and 30 MRSA S. 2151-A, the Town of Freedom hereby establishes a Planning Board. The board which has been acting as a Planning Board for the Town of Freedom is hereby reestablished as the Planning Board for the purposes of adoption of the ordinance are hereby declared to be the acts of the legally constituted Planning Board of the Town of Freedom.


A. Board members shall be appointed by the Municipal Officers and sworn by the Clerk or other person authorized to administer oaths.

B. The Board shall consist of seven (7) members.

C. The term of each member shall be for five (5) years, except the initial appointments which shall be for one, two, three, four and five years respectively. The initial appointments shall be as follows: Two members shall be appointed for one (1) year terms; one member for a two (2) year term; one member for a three (3) year term; two members for four (4) year terms; and one member for a five (5) year term. Following the initial appointments all subsequent appointments shall be for five (5) year terms with the exception of an appointment to fill a vacancy.

D. When there is a permanent vacancy, the Municipal Officers shall within sixty (60) days of its occurrence, appoint a person to serve for the unexpired term. A vacancy shall occur upon the resignation or death of any member, or when a member ceases to be a voting resident of the Town, or when a member fails to attend four (4) consecutive regular meetings, or fails to attend at least 75% of all meetings during the preceding twelve (12) month period. When a vacancy occurs, the Chairman of the Board shall immediately so advise the Municipal Officers in writing. The Board may recommend to the Municipal Officers that the attendance provision be waived for cause, in which case no vacancy will then exist until the Municipal Officers may remove members of the Planning Board by unanimous vote, for cause, after notice and hearing.

E. A Municipal Officer may not be a member.


A. The Board shall elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary from among its members. The term of all officers shall be one (1) year(s) with eligibility for re-election.

B. Any question of whether a member shall be disqualified from voting on a particular matter shall be decided “by a majority” vote of the members except the member who is being challenged.

C. The Chairman shall call at least one regular meeting of the Board each month.

D. No meeting of the Board shall be held without a quorum consisting of four (4) members. The Board shall act by majority vote, calculated on the basis of the number of members present and voting.

E. The Board shall adopt rules for transaction of business and the secretary shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, correspondence, findings and determinations. All records shall be deemed public and may be inspected at reasonable times.


A. The Board shall prepare a comprehensive plan as defined by 30 MRSA §4961.

B. The Board shall perform such duties and exercise such powers as are provided by the Freedom Town Ordinance and the laws of the State of Maine.

C. The Board may obtain goods and services necessary to its proper function within the limits of appropriations made for the purpose.


This ordinance shall become effective immediately upon adoption by the Voters of the Town of Freedom.

Readopted at Special Town Meeting: June 7, 2006